An artist of love, writer, dancer, witch, creatrix and shadow walker

Versed in the sensual, creative & erotic arts, I coach clients, couples and lead workshops on

~ Sacral expression

~ Sex and relating

~ Walking the sacred path of the heart

~ Embodying feminine archetypes (especially the delicious dark ones.)

I am passionate about helping others find the heart’s voice, radical love, sensual play, rebellious expression and making art of life all outside the social constructs and scripts of the overculture.

I’m passionate about authentic feminine embodied expression and finding connection to life and spirit through sensuality. My teachers have called me the sacral rebel and I lead from the pleasure & freedom I’ve found there.



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All made for your self pleasure & love making

"My beautiful friend has a way of wrapping you up in a web of safety and compassion. She offers reminders and nuggets of wisdom to help you to return to your intuition and the things you already know to be true. The conversations we have always feel smooth and effortless and we always end up laughing throughout the hard stuff, too. I am so grateful to have a friend who is able to so gracefully step into a mentor role, who loves me and supports me for all that I am."
Bianca Rae
Bianca Rae
"The Wild Love Priestess and her work helped me finally tap into my authentic self last week. Feeling the feelings I had been programmed to deny, fear, and reject. She helped open my heart in a way I never have before. Leading me safely to the place where I could acknowledge my hopes, fears, and desires, in turn led to a healing of the generational pain within me that was not mine but was passed down to me through the energies of my parents and their parents. To be free now, expressing myself and not the programs of old, is what I wanted. Dreams come true and I am worth it. So are you! I recommend finding a guide, be 100% honest with yourself about what you want “right now”, and be okay with your fears. They are not an end in themselves. CaraLilly, thank you again for your work helping humanity heal and come into alignment with our higher purpose. Peace and love to all!" #LoveEmpireNetwork
Rey Joseph
Rey Joseph
"Aside from CaraLilly being an incredible friend and someone who I had the pleasure to work with, I’ve learned so much about reflection and self acceptance from being in her presence. There have been many times where I have found myself in emotional crisis and panic, and reaching out to her in those moments always crosses my mind. CaraLilly not only has a natural ability to connect and hold space, she also has a deep and rooted education in all things love, intimacy, sex, conflict and communication. I would trust them to facilitate some of the most difficult emotional moments, whether it be personally or in a group/relational setting. If you are considering working with her, I’d love this message to be the reason why you made the final decision to go ahead and do it. CaraLilly will give you practical and concrete reflections, while also threading in magic and mystic. There are a lot of coaches out there, but not everyone has lived a life that required them to practice the things they wish to pass on. I trust CaraLilly because I know they personally understand the pain and discomfort that growth and change can bring."
Carly McCarthy
Carly McCarthy


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