The Wild Love Temple and Hear Me Roehr presents St Louis Tantric Arts Retreat Full Feminine Expression

A weekend retreat

May 16-19 , St. Louis, MO

For Women and Feminine-Identified Loves


Come deep dive into the expression of the sacred feminine

Do you desire to be more of yourself in the world?


To live your dreams

Call in that divine partnership

Have sex that’s healing

Make that art

Embody your truth

Live a turned-on and passionate life?


Come be a part of the Pleasure Revolution


Each of us has the deepest of sexual magic,

a direct connection to the divine feminine,

and an inner pleasure goddess just waiting for you to remember her.

Society has, for millennia, separated us from our sacred full feminine expression and our divine right of pleasure.


Take your pleasure power back and remember the queen you are.


Celebrate with other women as we face our collective shame, stories of unworthiness and heartbreak

and remember our deepest magic, our wholeness and our birthright of holy eros.

8 freshly prepared meals

4 evenings of ritual

3 days of Sacred Sexuality Practices

1 community of women who want to fully embody their Holy Eros, live an orgasmic life and return to the goddess within us all

Sex Magic Practices

Orgasmic Breathwork

Sacred Theatre

Erotic Dance

Taoist Tantric Practices 

Osho Meditations 

Goddess Initiations

Shamanic Journeying

Cacao Ceremonies

Ayurvedic Meals

Do you feel disconnected from who you dream to be, feel you want to be, in your heart know you can be?


Is there something sacred you can’t find in your life, community, family, or relationships? This is a retreat to DISCOVER the goddess in you.

Join a safe and non-judgmental space to play with all the different ways one can EXPLORE the sacred feminine.

Experience EMBODIMENT activities to anchor how the feminine wants to be uniquely expressed through you.

Learn how to bring this into your everyday life. How to take TOOLS we use and create rituals of pleasure and embodiment at home.

Create COMMUNITY with women who can be a network and support system who also speak the language of sacred sexuality. Play and co-create for years to come.

come deep dive into the full expression of the feminine



Yes we are “those” women


Women who laugh loud, wear that outfit, dance, cry and rage.


We are also the channels and priestesses of sexual healing and remembrance to come through

I'm CaraLilly, Priestess of The Wild Love Temple

I’ve studied pleasure-based sex ed, sexological body work, conscious kink, Neo & Classical Tantra, earth based goddess traditions and somatic sex coaching for 6 years. In 2018 I realized there had to be more to sex, love and relationships. I was tired of faking orgasms and having my boundaries walked all over. I would always dread when partners asked me what I wanted or needed in sex. I was tired of my sexy being for everyone but me. I was longing for spirituality to be in every aspect of my life, especially sex! And then I found a whole world of clarity, orgasmic magic, sacred sexuality and my voice! Now I own my pleasure, heal my relationship with my pussy daily and I’m truly living the life my soul has always dreamed of.  It’s not a perfect life but it’s juicy and alive and I am the creatrix of it. I found the Goddess at ecstatic dance, in Shibari sessions, at pole dance class, in sex magic self pleasure practices, in taoist tantric breathwork and in sharing my art on stage, in community. And I know we all have access to this level of pleasure and aliveness on the other side of our fears and shadows.

I’ve seen my coaching clients bloom into the king/queen, seductress, priestess, sacred lover, divine expressed feminine / deep sensitive masculine they came to me desiring to be. My favorite quote from a client is “Holy shit! These practices really work!”

I'm Ksandra Roehr of Hear me Roehr

I am a Shamanic Tantric Energy Healer and Intuitive Life Coach. I work deeply with Mother Earth & Father Sky to guide individuals to connect with their Inner wisdom to let their Authentic Self ‘Roehr!’ About 13 years ago I got my first glimpse into remembering how to connect with my inner wisdom, how to connect with a bigger part of myself that I felt existed but had no way of putting words to it. In the years that followed I read books, attended workshops, received attunements and trainings to deepen my understanding and connection. I started holding space for others to go on this inner journey of self discovery, healing, and unconditional love. What I have discovered along the way is that a profound level of self empowerment and radical self love and acceptance is accessible when we learn how to go inwards and cultivate a relationship with all aspects of our Self. When we learn how to communicate with this part of ourselves we are able to tap into the guidance, love, healing, etc that we so deeply desire. We learn how to stop seeking these things outside of ourselves and not only do we remember who we are but we start showing up in the world as the Authentic self. 

And this is why I do this! Both on a personal and professional level. I have fully dedicated myself to nurture, cultivate, evolve with, heal with, all aspects of me. I have learned how to love myself unconditionally, how to put myself first, how to accept all parts of me, how to hold space for all parts of me, how to keep my heart open, how to set boundaries and honor and express all my human emotions. I have also seen my clients go through the same evolution. I have seen them in despair, heart broken, lost, confused, hurt, etc. And I have had the honor of holding space as they went inward and transformed. It is not always perfect, fun, or easy and there will always a mixture of ‘good’ & ‘bad’ days but in the process we learn how to love ourselves.


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The Wild Love Temple and Hear Me Roehr presents St Louis Tantric Arts Retreat Full Feminine Expression